VIMA the dimension was conceived ad created in the year 1996. With an unreleanting apporach to work, in this span of the firm has gathered a wealth of experience in almost all the branches of the construction industry, viz; architecture, interior design, acoustics, landscaping, project management consultancy and lighting design with forays into graphic design as well.
Towards the ease of professional execution of project we also offer comprehensive serices for with mateial or turnkey projects.
The tight rope walk of practicing a profession which is poised on the fine line of difference between art and science, vima has strived and delivered design solutions to evolve asethenthic and art from concrete, bricks, steel & wood.
Our Firm is having its offices at Indore and Jabalpur.
Our Clientele is diverse and eclectic-Hospitals, medical institutions, corporate offices, Business Organizations, Commercial complexes, retailing outlets, residences, educational institutes, industrial entities, NGO, Government organizations, Auditoria and space with specific acoustic requirements-more clearly defining our association across variouis strata of enterprise.
A matter of immense professional pride is the business continuity we have maintained from all our clients-a true measure of customer satisfaction.